Policies (IT & Other)

Confidentiality is our Priority. Maxlence has implemented measures and procedures in compliance with industry standards to ensure security and privacy of the information in its possession.

IT Security Process falls under the following categories.

  • Physical Security, against any physical damages (We keep proper soft backups of all the confidential-project related information(s)
  • Transmission Security is ensured by using the secure HTTPs Protocols or Secure VPN / FTP for File or Data Sharing
  • Data Security is maintained by keeping all the online data with password protected secure work-flow folders within the document management system. Moreover the confidential files are stored-transferred encrypted
  • Physical Security measures to secure the physical infrastructure, such as Work Areas, Servers, Laptops, Mobile Devices Security and Backups, Storage Devices, etc. (and the processes and procedures for people who operate such infrastructures). This includes: Surveillance, Access, People and Infrastructure
  • The Employees will need access to data and information of clients of Maxlence to perform the actions as stipulated by the services provided. For this purpose, there will be strict processes and procedures to exchange data between teams, management and clients. This includes Cloud storage, VPN Access & Emails.
  • Data Security measures are implemented to ensure the data in possession of Maxlence, operation teams, both internal and with external contractor/subcontractor, is secure and is used for the intended purposes only. This includes Computers and passwords.